Curriculum vitae

Oliver Rennert was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1957 and grew up in Munich. Quite early on, at the age of three he began to draw and later, paint. After finishing school and military service he moved to London, where, in 1987, he graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic, having studied Painting, Design and Industrial History, and having spent six month as an exchange student at Radford University, Virginia, USA.

First small illustration commissions appeared around this time, as did participation in group exhibitions. In 1990 he followed a job offer to Australia and became in-house illustrator for Australian Geographic magazine.

Later, he did freelance work for other clients as well, prominent among these were Weldon Owen Publishing, Reader`s Digest, The Sydney Morning Herald, Western Harbour Crossing Co (Hong Kong) and Transfield.

At this time, he began to take an increasing interest in landscape painting.
A serious accident which subsequently brought about a major change in life took him back to Germany in 2003, where he has now been working as a freelance painter since 2007.

He sums up the inspiration driving his work as follows:

“In my work I try to capture the impressiveness of a moment`s beauty, no matter how mundane the circumstances. I want to try and hold on to the unique irretrievability of a given instant, and through my work somewhat delay its inevitable passing.”