Current events

The large oil project Sky above Cologne, 2 metres high by 1.4 metres wide, is an aerial view of Cologne, but also a you’re-right-amongst-it look at a surrounding turbulent cloudscape.
After two years of work, he current state of the painting is that the city has now been completely drawn. Unfortunately, the painting has had to be put on the backburner since last May due to the three exhibition efforts last year, and all the travel and work these entailed. Also, there have been some serious renovation works here in our flat which could not be put off any longer, as well as the finishing of the third Farindola watercolour, (Piazza Mazzocca) and realising the fourth of the mini-series, (View from the Balcony).

I hope to return to the Cologne picture at the end of February. The next phase will be realistically rendering the city (“painting the town?”), thus bringing the drawing to life before the cloudscape is added at the end.

Completion is now scheduled for the end of 2018 or early 2019, depending on other workload.

Current pearl of wisdom
“In the end, all will be well ! And if it isn’t well, then it isn’t the end!”

The Very Most Excellent Marigold Hotel Desk Manager


Due to the likely very demanding workload of Sky above Cologne I will not be taking part in or planning for any exhibitions in 2017, with the possible exception of Childwickbury Arts Fair in the UK in the beginning of July. Shows are great fun, the allow work to be shown and people to meet, but they also devour a great amount of time, money and energy. At this time I feel the need to completely focus on this big painting, so for the forseeable time ahead I have planned as few interruptions as possible.

However, having said that, studio visits are still always welcome! Just drop me a line or phone me.