Current events

Now, in April 2019, Sky above Cologne has gradually advanced with fits and starts. Finding sufficient time to work on it is a major headache as other aspects of life intervene, but nevertheless, it does grow, street by street. Certainly I am getting a whole new perspective on my home town (pardon the pun), but I won’t be so brash these days as to suggest a completion date. It will happen when it happens.

Hint: Using a mouse, you can enlarge the image by clicking on it (or using your finger with a tablet or smartphone). You can then advance the slide show at your own pace.

Current pearl of wisdom
“In the end, all will be well ! And if it isn’t well, then it isn’t the end!”

The Very Most Excellent Marigold Hotel Desk Manage

Due to the likely very demanding workload of Sky above Cologne I will not be taking part in or planning for any exhibitions in the foreseeable future. Shows are great fun, they allow work to be shown and people to meet, but they also devour a great amount of time, money and energy. Moreover, the current Brexit uncertainties are also shaping up to be a severe stumbling block for any show plans in the UK. So at this time I feel that completely focussing on this big painting as much as possible is the best way forward for the months ahead.

However, studio visits are welcome anytime. Just contact me beforehand by email or phone to let me know when you are coming.